Serving up and fulfilling all of your gospel, country, revivalistic, soulful, rockin’ Americanica shenaniganery!

About the Band

Kelsey’s Woods is a three/four/more-piece Americana/Roots band hailing from the scruffy little city of Knoxville. Rooted in the traditional and true sounds of oft-forgotten country music, Kelsey’s Woods haerkens back to years past when the story was the song. Combining equal parts of roots, country, folk and a little rock and roll, Kelsey’s Woods boasts three and four-part male harmonies, interchangeable lead singers and all original songs speaking on themes from love, heartbreak, loss, murder, redemption, and the age old tradition of finding salvation in a whiskey glass. Kelsey’s Woods hopes that you’ll join them in finding a brand new take on a forgotten but yet old and familiar sound.

Meet the Band
Dave Kennedy

guitar, mandolin, mouth harp, vox

Russ Torbett

doghouse bass, guitar, vox

Andrew Bryant

drums, vox, whiskey

Austin Stepp

lead guitar, fiddle, vox

Stevie Jones

Hammond organ, honky tonk piano