When The Morning Comes Around

Released Date: May, 1 2015

Featuring Bill Kennedy on banjo on track 9; Todd Beene on pedal steel on tracks 4,6,9; Brock Henderson on pedal steel on tracks 8,10.

Recorded at Shed 55 Studios in Knoxville, TN

Engineered and Mixed by David DeWitt

Mastered at Rodney Mills Masterhouse

Cover Art by Doc Cooper at Saint Tattoo in Knoxville, TN

Art layout by Jody Collins

© 2015 All rights reserved. | All songs written by Dave Kennedy | Produced by Kelsey’s Woods


One More Heart To Break

Released Date: July 21, 2012

“One More Heart to Break” is the full length debut album from Kelsey’s Woods. Featuring thirteen tracks speaking of themes from love, heartbreak, loss, murder, redemption, and the age old tradition of finding salvation in a whiskey glass, Kelsey’s Woods hopes that you’ll join them in finding a brand new take on a forgotten but yet old and familiar sound.

© 2012 | All rights reserved.